Using the app

This page will help you get to grips with the app, as well as some tips on how to get the most out of our software.

You will be able to make an account when your Study Admin sends an email invitation. If you haven’t received an invitation then contact your study administrator and they should be able to send a new invite.

Your security and privacy matters to us

Any documents you capture with Redactall will not be saved to your device. You can read more about how we store data here.

Choosing a document request

app_login_screen app_workflow_list app_request_list

Once you’ve logged into the app you will see a list of your Workflows. Selecting a Workflow will bring up a list of document requests you, or your study team, need to complete.

When using the app for the first time, it will prompt you for permission to use the camera (see camera permissions).


A document request may ask for multiple documents, each document may have multiple pages.

1. Capturing

Redactall uses your phone’s camera as a scanner.

  • Positioning your camera - Hold your phone over the document and try to fit as much of it as you can on your screen.

  • Detecting the edges - The app will automatically detect the document edges. This is shown with a yellow box that conforms to the page you are capturing.

  • Taking the photo - when you see that the yellow box has covered your document, tap the white button at the bottom of your screen.


2. Redacting

After taking a photo you can redact any Personally Identifiable Information.

  • Cropping the picture - If the automatic system is struggling you can also crop documents app_crop_button manually.

  • Zoom and move - On the first screen you come to after capturing a page you will be able to zoom and move around the capture.

  • Start Redacting - Once you’ve found information you want to redact touch the Redact button in the top right. Now you can draw redactions onto the document.

  • Wrapping up - Once you have finished redacting a page select finish and it will return you to the capture screen.

    • Here you can capture another page, then redact and crop as before.

    • Notice that there is a page counter, this lets you know how many pages you have completed.

app_redact_after app_zoom_after

3. Reviewing

When you have captured all the relevant pages for the document click “review”. Here you will see all the pages you have captured.

  • Select a page - You can touch any page on this screen to take you the review section for that page.

  • Redact again - If you notice that some redactions are missing to can select redact to complete any redactions you need.

  • Discard - If you no longer need the page you have selected you will be able to discard the page by touching discard.

app_review_screen app_discard_redact

4. Submitting

When you are happy with the captured documents select Upload page to send to the Requestor.

  • Documents will not be stored on your device (learn more about data security)

  • The only way to modify an uploaded document is to get a workflow admin to reject a document.

  • You need to have an internet connection to upload documents


Photo taking tips

  • Backgrounds - take the photos on a dark background, this can help the app find the edges of the document.

  • Readability - Hold the camera still to avoid blur, fill the screen as best you can with the document while avoiding shadows.

  • Lighting - take the photos in a well lit room. Activate the flash if needed by selecting the light bulb icon during image capture app_flash_button.

Camera permissions

Camera permissions are needed to take photos with the app. When first opening the app it will ask you for permission to use the phone’s camera. If this prompt doesn’t appear then you can go into your device’s settings, select app permissions and allow Redactall camera access.