Approving submissions

Once Submitters have uploaded documents a Requestor can approve them or reject them within the web app. When approving ensure all Participant Identifiable Information (PII) is fully redacted. The approval process is summarized by:

  1. Find documents to review

  2. Review each submitted document

  3. Approve or reject the document

Approving a document


The documents waiting to be approved within a workflow can be seen in the To Review tab. This is where they appear after being submitted.


If you have many documents To Review the filter button filter_button can help find the most important ones. You can search by a combination of text, participant ID, document name or tags to find the documents you need.


Click on a document to show all the redacted photos that make up that request. Each photo must be approved, this is done by clicking the Next button in the bottom right of the Review Pane. When you have approved each page the Accept all button approve_document_modal_accept_all will be enabled on the last page. Documents that have been approved can then be found within the Approved tab.


The zoom and rotate functions in the top right of the review screen can be used to better check the redactions of a document. You can reset the view of the image by clicking reset_button. At the bottom of the picture are navigation controls to move back and forth through the pages of a document.

approve_document_modal_image_controls approve_document_modal_pagination

Rejecting a document


Found a mistake in the submitted documents? Click the “Reject” button in the bottom left of the review window. Choose a reason and hit “Reject”. Other let’s you give your own reason.

Rejected submissions will now be returned to the Submitter. They will be able to see the returned requests in the Redactall app. We’ve added a table below showing what this looks like so you’ll know what to look out for.

Rejection options


What the submitter sees

Incomplete redaction


Missing documents


Wrong participant


Poor image quality


Other (with custom reason)