Archive documents

Documents that have been approved can be used for remote source data verification. These can be found in the approved tab.

Select any document to open a Review window, here you can perform further checks such as Source Document Verification.


The number of pages in the submission will be indicated at the bottom of the Review window. Use the arrows or numbers to navigate between pages. You will also have the option to download the audit log for any document by selecting Download audit log. This can also be done once a document has been archived by selecting the document on the Archived tab.

Archiving documents

When you’re happy with a document you can move it to the Archived tab.

  • Select the checkbox for any documents you want to move archive_selected

  • Then select Archive request

  • These documents will now be stored in the Archived tab


Deleting a document

If you need to permanently delete a document get in contact with us. We can then ensure that the document is fully deleted from our servers.