Requesting documents

Requests inform Submitters about the documents that need to be scanned. Requests can specify the documents required, number of pages, participant IDs and other information that could help the submitter. Submitters can see new requests on their devices through the Redactall app.

Making a document request can be done in the web app at

Choosing the right workflow

  • Select the Workflow you want to make requests for in the My Workflows tab in the sidebar.

  • This will take you to the Open Requests tab.

  • The selected Workflow can be seen in the top bar.

Workflow screen

Requesting documents

In the Open Requests tab for a Workflow select make_new_requests_button. Completing the document request form below will send request(s) to the workflow’s Submitters. For information on responding to document requests see Using the app.

New document request form

Participant ID

This is the participant ID(s) for the documents being requested. Multiple ID’s can be entered separated by commas, spaces, tabs or blank lines. A separate request will be generated for each participant number entered. Not all documents you request need Participent ID(s), in these circumstances you can leave this field blank.


If your participant IDs are only numbers (participant_id_toggle_button) can be used to select a range of participant ID’s. For example 0010 to 0030.


Requested documents

Enter the name of each document you want to include in this request. Press Enter ↵ between each document name. Documents entered before can be quickly selected from a dropdown menu.


Tags can be used to provide additional information. For instance you could use tags to specify a specific version of a document.

Detailed instructions

This can be used to provide any additional instructions for the Submitters. For example, a date range or specific lab result to look for.

Request title

Request titles will be generated for you based on the documents requested, but can be edited here if you prefer.

Just remember…

Once a document request is made it can’t be changed. If you need to edit a request you must delete the request and make a new request.