When you first login in to Redactall you will be greeted by the My Workflows page. This page shows you all the Workflows that you have open as well as the information regarding them. You can return to this page at any time, either by selecting the Redactall logo in the top left, or the My Workflows tab.


Workflow screen

  1. Navigation menu

  2. Workflow selection menu

  3. Workflow description

  4. Workflow progress visual overview

  5. ‘New Workflow’ button

  6. Settings

Workflow setup

Workflows group together users who work within a particular site or study. They allow Clinical Research Associates to request documents then site staff can scan, redact, and send the documents.

  • Requestor, for example a Clinical Research Associate needing to perform SDV

  • Submitter, for example a nurse on site

For a multi-site study it is best to have multiple Workflows. This allows for document requests to be more precisely targeted.

Creating a new Workflow

In the Redactall web app go to the Workflows tab and click new_workflow_button.


Workflow Name

Here you will write the name of your study, in our case “Example study - Site 001”. Try to title your studies consistently so they are easily recognised.

Workflow Description

Fill this field with all the necessary details about the Workflow. For instance, if it’s for a study, a short description of the study could be included here.

Workflow-Specific Redaction Guidelines

This is where you add instructions for the Submitters. List what you are looking for and specify the redactions that need to be made, this will make sure that all parties are redacting the right information from the right forms.

If you need to edit any of the above text later on, you can do so in the Workflow settings.

Adding users to a Workflow

Adding users to a Workflow is quick and simple. Once you have selected a Workflow select Workflow Settings in the menu on the left.

Adding a submitter

Find the Document Submitters subsection at the bottom of the page. Select Invite New Document Submitter. Type in the new submitter’s email address and select Invite user.

Adding a requestor

Find the Workflow Users subsection at the bottom of the page. Select Invite new workflow users. Type in the new requestor’s email address and select Invite User.

Adding workflow admins

Find the Workflow Users subsection at the bottom of the page. Select Invite New Workflow Users. Type in the new workflow admin’s email address and toggle Grant administrator privileges, then select Invite User

Bulk user invites

While adding submitters, requestors or admins as above you can select the bulk import link beneath the email address box to add multiple users of the desired type in one go. You can manually enter a list of emails or copy and paste a list from elsewhere.


Deleting a workflow

Workflows are deleted within the web app. This can only be done by Account Managers.

  • Find the Workflow Settings tab, then in the top right of the page select the red bin.

  • Fill in the name of the Workflow, this is so that users don’t accidentally delete a Workflow and helps to keep all the work safe and secure.

  • Select the Delete it! button and your Workflow will be permanently along with all records attached to it.

Closing off

In order to close off a study please get in touch with us at and we will be happy to assist you with closing off your study.